Stay Safe Online

This page aims to help you use the internet in a safe way.

Advice for children

*   Make sure you use the privacy settings.

*   Always respect others – be careful what you say online.

*   Be careful what pictures or videos you upload. Once a picture is shared online it cannot be taken back

*   Only add people you know and trust to friends/followers lists online. When talking to strangers, keep your personal information safe and location hidden.

*   Treat your password like your toothbrush – keep it to yourself and change it regularly.

*   Block the bully – learn how to block or report someone who is behaving badly.

*   Do not retaliate or reply to offending e-mails, text messages or online conversations. Make sure you tell an adult you trust,

*   Save the evidence. Always keep a copy of offending e-mails, text messages or a screen grab of online conversations and pass to a parent, a carer or a teacher.
*   Make sure you tell an adult you trust, for example, a parent, a carer, a teacher, or the anti-bullying co-ordinator or call a helpline like Childline on 08001111 in confidence.
*   Most social media services and other sites have a button you can click on to report bullying. Doing this can prevent a bully from targeting you and others in the future. Many services take bullying seriously and will either warn the individual or eliminate his or her account.
*   While you are on your mobile phone make sure you also pay attention to your surroundings.