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“Pupils behave well, including in the early years. Pupils respect adults and know they are there to help them learn and keep safe.

Dear Parents and Carers,

A warm welcome to our school.

Copnor Primary School is a vibrant and welcoming school set in the heart of Copnor in Portsmouth. We work hard to achieve high standards in learning, offering many opportunities to learn creatively and explore imaginative ideas. Most importantly to us, children are encouraged to think deeply about their learning. Our staff work as a team, continually reviewing individual progress and exploring new strategies to inspire our young learners.

Pupils are happy and proud members of the school. They describe the school as ‘caring’, ‘fun’ and ‘amazing’.

Our recent developments have put Copnor firmly into the 21st Century.  We have made huge strides into personalising learning for all of the children where they have individual learning targets matched to their abilities across a range of areas.  Each classroom is fitted with state-of-the-art Active Boards allowing us to make use of video, computer software and the power of the Internet to enhance lessons. They link with Apple iOS, Microsoft and Android applications. There is a school-wide wireless network and we have wireless devices in every part of the school for the children to use.

We are all very proud of our school, of the work that takes place within it and of what we all achieve; we hope that you will feel the same way as you join in partnership with us to ensure that Copnor Primary School continues to go from strength to strength to provide the best possible education for your child. We hope that our website provides you with all of the key information that you require about us. If there is anything that you would like to know in addition to what is on here, please get in contact with us.

Mr Matt Johnson

About Copnor

Think of a school 100 years ago. What were the expectations? To train children for the world of industry, a place where they needed to follow instructions competently and comply with the rules and regulations. We needed maths for the accountants and English for the clerks. Now think of a school 50 years ago. Children needed to be good at the basics along with a variety of subjects so that their grounding in education allowed them to take up positions in manufacturing, law, sciences and technology.

So what do we expect of a school today? Children today will go into a world of rapid change, high-technology in all walks of life and into jobs which have yet to be invented. They need to have speed of thought, be able to problem solve, to work in teams and to successfully live in a world where people expect the very best from them. We want our children to be confident and willing to continue learning well after they have left their formal education behind. Our challenge at Copnor is to make sure we give each and every child a chance to succeed in our ever-changing world. Every child deserves our best to ensure that we get the best from them and they in turn can contribute to create a better world, whatever their abilities.

The grounds of the school are excellent, giving lots of space and opportunities for creative play, sports, exploration, special reading areas and adventure. There’s a new outdoor Grizzdel climber and outdoor gym, together with a MUGA and field and we have been awarded the Gold Active Mark for exceptional PE.

We are not perfect, but like all successful schools, we aim to listen to our children, parents, staff and visitors so that we can constantly improve what we provide to our community and in 2017, Ofsted graded the school as a GOOD school and they recognised the excellent work we have achieved.

We value our links with parents, other local schools and organisations. Our partnership with parents and carers is essential, encouraging children to attain high standards of effort, achievement and behaviour. It is vital that together we develop all aspects of our children, allowing them to feel good about their efforts at school. We pride ourselves on being a friendly place where people, young and old, really matter.

In 2022 we changed our vision for the school to “Knowing Every Child – Inspiring Every Mind – Achieving Every Day”. It is our personal challenge to make sure we get to know every family too. By working alongside you, we know we are more likely to succeed to help, support, challenge and inspire your child.  We are looking forward to what lies ahead for the children and the rest of the family here at Copnor and to forging a successful partnership with all parents and carers.

We have three fundamental principles which we think are key:

Knowing every child

Highlights our mission to get to know each and every child in our school.

Inspiring Every Mind

Underpins our aspiration to provide great lessons and memorable experiences for our children during a crucial period of learning which lays the foundations for their later lives. This requires fantastic teaching at every level and includes the robust leadership of adults in the school to achieve this aim.

Achieving Every Day

Our ambition that each and every child (and adult) can look back at their day, month, year and time at Copnor and feel confident that their time here has led to a sense that they have achieved something they can be proud of. This could be academic achievement or pastoral achievement, but either way, it would be something we can recognise and celebrate when appropriate.

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