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Our Staff

Mr M Johnson

Mr M Johnson


Miss A Roberts

Miss A Roberts

Head of Pastoral

Mr D Cowell

Mr D Cowell

Head of KS1

Miss L Shackelford

Miss L Shackelford

Head of KS2

Teaching Staff Year R

Miss Whittingham
Potter Class

Mrs Burt/Mrs Rook
Bright Class

Mrs Jeffes/Mrs Rogers
Donaldson Class

Teaching Staff Year 1

Miss Hall
Riley Class

Mrs Merrett
Goldsworthy Class

Miss Butcher
Banksy Class

Teaching Staff Year 2

Miss Wheeler
Simmonds Class

Mr Whitlock
Asher-Smith Class

Miss O’Hare
Farah Class

Teaching Staff Year 3

Miss Woolcott
Elton Class

Mrs Finch
Adele Class

Mrs Creasey
Sheeran Class

Teaching Staff Year 4

Miss Eddy
Callaghan Class

Miss Rinehart
Dickens Class

Mr Lister/Mr Watts
Brunel Class

Teaching Staff Year 5

Mr Harvey
Gilbert Class

Mr Richardson
Dyson Class

Mrs Smedley/Mrs Hill
Newton Class

Teaching Staff Year 6

Mr Ball
Churchill Class

Mr Johnson and Miss Shackelford
Attenborough Class

Miss Ellis
Shakespear Class

Miss Ho
Pankhurst Class


Mrs S Walker
Welfare Officer

Mrs R McEwan
Pastoral Support Manager

Mrs J Bailey
Attendance Officer


Mrs W Castleton

Mrs B Lines

Mrs V George

Mr J Lister

Miss S Alexander

Mrs A Beech

Mr B Pearce
Primary Sports Specialist

Teaching Assistants

Mrs J Abbott

Mrs S Ahmed

Mrs R Begum

Miss M Betts

Mrs L Bishop

Mrs T Butler

Mrs J Devlin

Mrs R Dickens

Mrs P Douglas

Miss L Fray

Mrs O Gosney

Miss I Green

Miss M Grantham

Ms J Jackson

Mrs C Johnston

Mrs D Leaver

Mrs R Lockey

Miss M Longmore

Miss D Moody

Miss M Murrant

Miss G Neil

Mrs S Norgrove

Mrs L Pastides

Miss R Robinson

Mrs K Rose

Miss L Stokes

Mrs A Wall

Mrs C Warne

Mrs S Warren

Mrs L Whiteaway

Mrs S Wilson

Miss M Young


Mrs R Matthews

IT Support

Mrs H Elliott

Office Staff

Mrs A Newsham
Data Support & Office Manager
Data Protection Manager

Miss E Shiers
SIMs Manager

Mrs N Moase
Admin Assistant

Mrs T Pinkney

Mrs J Collings
Financial Assistant

Site Team

Mrs C Caruana Caretaker

Mr D Jennings Handyman

Midday Staff

Miss S Jerams
Midday Supervisor

R Dickens
Midday – First Aider

Midday Assistants

R Abbott
E Farrugia
L Whiteaway
R Collinson
L Cripps
J Devlin
L Fothergill
O Gosney
M Grantham
D Moody
I Green
R Kaur
K Rose
E Marshall
A Marten
E Pastides
M Murrant
L Stokes
D Leaver
S Smith
M Young
S Wilson
E Wignall
L Fray
R Robinson

Cleaning Staff

S Smith
L Cripps
E Wignall
S Joy
C Webb
L Hicks
F Bever

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