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Ethos and Values

Pupils have learned to be ambitious and confident. As one pupil told an inspector, ‘Here we learn how we can expand our minds.’

The Headteacher, staff and Governors of Copnor Primary School are committed to offering our children a wide range of experiences, which are designed to lead them to intellectual independence, flexibility of thought and personal confidence.

While helping them to achieve their own potential, we place great value on having consideration for other people, for being polite, helpful and treating each other with respect. We believe that much of this must come from the nurturing of spiritual and moral values in the children’s daily lives by parents and teachers. With the active participation and support of parents, we aim to provide an environment which will allow all the children to develop lively and enquiring minds, to acquire knowledge and to derive real enjoyment from learning.

Children, staff and parents work actively in partnership to enable all children to realise their full potential by:

  • being an outstanding place of learning
  • preparing all children fully for life in the wider world

Our aims are to:

  • Provide a challenging and stimulating environment for learning within a caring community, enabling all to achieve their personal best.
  • Provide a clear view of the principles and values which are firmly based on the moral way of life.
  • Provide a caring, supportive, safe and secure environment in which all individuals are valued and listened to.
  • Provide challenging learning opportunities to which everyone responds readily and with enthusiasm.
  • Develop a healthy lifestyle where all children enjoy good physical and mental health.
  • Develop a spiritual, social, cultural and economic awareness through links with the local, national and global communities.

We have three fundamental principles which we think are key:

Knowing every child

highlights our mission to get to know each and every child in our school.

Inspiring Every Mind

underpins our aspiration to provide great lessons and memorable experiences for our children during a crucial period of learning which lays the foundations for their later lives. This requires fantastic teaching at every level and includes the robust leadership of adults in the school to achieve this aim.

Achieving Every Day

our ambition that each and every child (and adult) can look back at their day, month, year and time at Copnor and feel confident that their time here has led to a sense that they have achieved something they can be proud of.  This could be academic achievement or pastoral achievement, but either way, it would be something we can recognise and celebrate when appropriate.

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