Copnor Primary School Policies


Policies for returning in September 2021 and for the rest of the academic year.

    Outbreak Management Plan         Schools’ COVID-19 Operational Guidance Response  
    Outbreak Management Plan for Years 4 & Year 5         PCC Infection Control  
    Providing Remote Education            
    Remote Learning Rationale and Expectations         Collecting Children from School  
    Child Protection         Donning & Doffing PPE  
    Visitor Sign in          Procedure for isolating children with suspected Covid-19  
    Food Hygiene         Overall Safeguarding  
    Cleaning Rotas         PCC Coronavirus-Related Pupil Absence  
    Walking Bus         Asthma  
    Accidents and First Aid         Serving Lunches  
    Illness and Medicine         Behaviour  
    Missing Child         PE  
    Educational Visits         Appendix 3     
    Fire Safety         Appendix 4  
    Homework         Appendix 5   
    Risk Assessment Children Arriving  Start of the Day           Appendix 6  
    Risk Assessment Walking Bus         Appendix 7  
    Risk Assessment Educational & Residential Vists            
    Response to HSE Risk Assessment            

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General Policies


Curriculum Policies

    Admissions         Assessment and Marking  
    Animals in School         Collective Worship  
    Charging and Remissions         Computing  
    Disability Equality Scheme (Accessibilty Plan)         English  
    Governor Expenses         French  
    Inclusion (SEN)         Geography  
    Information Sharing         Handwriting  
    Learning & Teaching         History  
    Lettings         Homework  
    Liaison and Transfer         International  
    Minibus Hiring         Library  
    More Able Child         Mathematics  
    Privacy Notice         Music  
    Parents' Code of Conduct         Presentation  
    Pupil Premium         RE  
    School Uniform         Design and Technology  
    Staff Absence             

Safeguarding Policies

    Allergies         Home School Agreement  
    Anti-Bullying         Health & Safety  
    Art & DT         Induction  
    Attendance         Paracetamol  
    Bereavement         PSHE  
    CCTV         Race Equality & Anti-Discimination  
    Child Protection         Safe Recruitment  
    Children Missing in Education         Science  
    Complaints         Site Safety & Maintenance  
    Confidentiality         Social Media  
    Curriculum         RSE  
    Drugs Abuse         Staff code of Conduct  
    Drugs Awareness         Staff Discipline  
    Emergency Closure         Toileting and Intimate Care  
    E Safety         Whistleblowing  
    Equal Opportunities            
    Equality Plan