Vision Statement

To raise aspirations and life skills through enriching the children's experiences

Aspire and Achieve

Learning Values   

           Respect                     Resilience                 Tolerance              Collaboration              Initiative      

Whole School Priorities 

To immerse children in a reading culture
To promote reasoning skills and enrich vocabulary
To secure at least 3.0 points progress in Reading, Writing and Maths


Drivers for curriculum planning

Sequence skills carefully within subjects
Sequence skills carefully across subjects
Plan opportunities for fluency

General Teaching Pedagogy

Fast engagement of children
Promotion of pupil discussion
Clear contexts for learning
Frequent opportunities for active learning
Frequent opportunities for reasoning
Use Afl during and after lessons to target challenge
Use group modelling to maximise challenge
Maximise opportunities to teach and enhance vocabluary


Our curriculum is designed to engage learners and make all learning relevant and purposeful. Half-termly topics start with an exciting 'hook' and end with a learning 'outcome'. Lead subjects of Science, History and Geography drive these topics so that learning is deepened, rather than compartmentalised. Trips and visitors are carefully planned to broaden the children's experiences within these topics. 


English Overview

Maths Overview

National Curriculum   



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