Reading is at the heart and soul of our school. We love reading and we want every child to leave us not only being able to read but with a real passion for books. It could be argued that learning to read and write is one of the most important skills that your child will learn whilst at school. Everything else depends on it, so we put as much energy as we possibly can into making sure that every single child learns to read and then applies this to writing through meaningful everyday activities.

We first start teaching children to read when they are in Reception through our phonics programme. Once children are secure on the first 3 sets of Phase 2 they will begin to take a colour book banded book home. These have been matched closely to the child’s phonic knowledge and we aim to make sure that this book is fully decodable for them. (For more information on this click on your child’s coloured book below or visit our phonics page) These books will gradually get harder as they increase their phonic knowledge.

However, learning to read is about more than just learning to blend sounds together. It’s about understanding what is happening in the text, developing a reader’s voice, using inference to really work out what a character means and making links across a text.  Therefore, your child’s class teacher will only move them onto the next book band once they are able to confidently read and comprehend the text.

In addition to their coloured book band book, your child will also bring home two books from the library. In many cases, these books may be above your child’s current reading level. These books are brought home purely for enjoyment, so the children can experience a wide variety of texts and stories that interest them, explore different authors and begin to get a feel of what they like as a reader. These books are perfect for sharing at bed time or exploring with friends or family.

Click on the colour book band that your child is reading to find out more information on how to support them at home.

Reading for Pleasure
At Copnor Primary we want to instil a love of books in all children so to us having chance to just sit down and enjoy a good book is really important. We are extremely lucky to have two amazing libraries which the children access on a weekly basis. Have a look below to find out more about what we do to encourage a love of reading.

Reading Buddies
Throughout the year we have lots of opportunities where our older and younger children get to read together. This is fantastic chance for the children to share their favourite books and to enjoy reading.

Reading Café
We host our very own Reading Café every Thursday morning from 8.20am until the start of school. It is a chance for all of our pupils to enjoy a book with their grown up whilst sitting in one of our comfy bean bags and enjoying a biscuit or two!

Story time
Story times are one of our favourite times of the day. It is chance for our children to sit down and listen to their teacher read their class novel. To ensure that the children hear a range of different texts and stories we have them mapped out across the school so that children can experience heritage texts, classic texts and those from other cultures.

Back by popular demand! After talking with our children we have brought back our ERIC time. This is chance for the children to sit and enjoy a book of their choice independently to settle down after lunch.