Year 2

My child is in Year 2, what can I expect?

When your child joins Year 2 they will be starting Phase 6. At the start of Phase 6, children will be able to read many familiar words automatically. When they come across unfamiliar words they will in many cases be able to decode them quickly using their well-developed sounding and blending skills.

At this stage children should be able to spell words phonemically although not always correctly. In Phase 6 the main aim is for children to become more fluent readers and more accurate spellers. We focus on teaching them the different spelling patterns such as adding –ing to words and what happens when we change words into the past tense.

How can I support my child during Year 2?

Most children will now be confident with each of the different phonemes and graphemes and the alternative ways they can be written and pronounced. They will now be sent home with books which contain a wide variety of sounds, suffixes and compound words.

When reading these books with your child, encourage them to sound out unknown words using the skills they have learnt in previous years e.g. sound it out, look for any digraphs or trigraph (any sounds that go together). Encourage them to split up longer words making the parts they need to sound out smaller.

For writing, encourage them to try the different sounds they know if they are unsure of the spelling to see if they can work out which is the correct one to use.