Year 1

My child is in Year 1, what can I expect?

When your child enters Year 1, they will continue to build upon the phonics skills they gained in Reception. They will start by recapping on Phase 4 before starting to look at Phase 5. Children entering Phase 5 will already be able to read and spell words with adjacent consonants, such as trap, string and flask. They will also be able to read and spell some polysyllabic words such as handstand.

In Phase 5, children will learn more graphemes and phonemes. For example, they already know ai as in rain, but now they will be introduced to ay as in day and a-e as in make. Alternative pronunciations for graphemes will also be introduced, e.g. ea in tea, head and break.

How can I support my child during Year 1?

Read, read, read!

At this stage most children will be confidently blending and segmenting words they will be sent home with reading books which reflect the sounds that they have learnt. The more they can practise reading these words at home the more confident they will become in recognising the different ways we can make the sounds.

If they are struggling with sounding out a word, ask them to use their sound buttons or to see if there are any special friends in a word e.g. in bath the digraph ‘th’ is a special friend. They join together to form a digraph and make the sound ‘th’.

When writing encourage your child to sound out and to think about which sounds they might need to use. Play games which involve finding things which contain that sound.

In order to find out more about supporting your child with their reading please have a look at our reading section.