At Copnor Primary we follow the phonics phases as set out by the Letters and Sounds phonics programme. This is supported by the use of phonetically decodable books from schemes such as Read, Write inc. This allows us to give the children a really immersive approach to the teaching of phonics in which they can apply this knowledge into everyday reading and writing with a real focus on blending and segmenting. These programmes have proven results across the country in accelerating children’s progress. 
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Overview of Letters and Sounds

Below are links to some great websites which you may like to use at home….   A video that goes through each sound and it’s pronunciation

Games to play…. 


Each June, all children in Year 1 undertake a National Phonics Screening Check. This check consists of 40 words (20 real words and 20 pseudo words) which all children will be asked to read. The focus of this check is to see if pupils can decode a range of words which they have not seen before.