We are very proud of our uniform which was introduced in 2006. It was the children themselves that chose it and they also designed the new primary school logo which appears on it.  The children look extremely smart and we really believe this helps them to feel a sense of belonging and to take pride in their school. The only item that needs to be purchased from a particular supplier is the sweatshirt or cardigan. We have done this on purpose so as to keep cost to an absolute minimum.

Parents are asked to support us by sending their child to school in full uniform. This consists of:

Main Uniform
Black school shoes (Training shoes are unacceptable)                             
Grey Trousers or Grey Skirt
Sky Blue polo shirt (with or without logo)
Navy Blue sweatshirt with logo
Navy Blue tights / white socks

In warmer weather grey tailored shorts of sky blue gingham dresses may be worn.  

PE Uniform
Sky Blue plain T-Shirt (with or without logo)                                   
Navy Blue shorts
White socks for games
Appropriate training shoes / plimsoles
(For games the children may also wear tracksuit – Navy Blue preferred)

Art Aprons
We are happy to accept old shirts as art aprons although aprons with the school logo are available.

No jewellery other than a stud or small sleeper earring (under half-inch) may be worn in school at any time. No nail varnish or make-up may be worn.
A range of other items with the school logo are recommended but are not required. These include: Navy Blue fleeces with logo (to be worn as coats not in class.)
A variety of bags and backpacks

Please label all clothing with your child’s name. This will help us to return any lost clothing to the correct child.

School Uniform Policy




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