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In order to find out more about supporting your child with their reading please have a look at our reading section. 

Mrs Short, the School Librarian works across KS1/2 to advise, encourage and read with children when they visit the library, either independently or with their class during their weekly library time. The library is open until 3.30 every day for children to change their books.
If your child wants to use the library after school and walks home  unaccompanied please discuss this with them. 

Mrs Lockey, the Assistant Librarian works in the KS1 Library every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and helps the children change their books during their weekly class library time. The library is open until 3.20 every day for children to change their books with their parents.   

Children in KS2 are able to borrow three books – one fiction, one nonfiction at their reading level and a book to read for pleasure (with adult help, if necessary.)

Children in KS1 have access to our collection of Banded Books, which can be changed as often as necessary. During their weekly visits to the library they have free choice of any fiction book (to be shared at home) and a nonfiction book at their level (for reading independently, with help where necessary)

KS2 Reading prizes are back! Please complete your child’s reading record when you hear them read, prizes will be given to children who read 30, 90 and 180 times. If they read 300 times, they will receive a special treat! Prizes are still being given for completion of the Literary Heritage Grid in the front of the Reading Log.

Ideas for reading with your child when they are in KS1. . .
Ideas for reading with your child when they are in KS2. . .

To give children the widest possible reading opportunities during this challenging time, we have issued all of the children in KS2 with an eBook login and PIN to be used on the Portsmouth eBook site. A link can be found on your child’s year group page called Portsmouth eBooks. If you do not have a copy of the letter that was sent out before school closed, please email with your child’s name and class and we will send you your child’s login and PIN. eBooks Initial Pupil/Parent Instructions 

  • Year 5 will be taking part in the Portsmouth Book Award (Shorter Novel) in the New Year. The books have now arrived in school and we look forward to voting for our favourites once everybody in Year 5 has read all four books.