Regular attendance is extremely important. Our School Target for Attendance is 96%

It must be emphasised that whenever a child is absent from school, Please inform us by a telephone call whenever your child is absent, stating the reason for the absence.This is extremely important. Schools are required by law to make returns to the Government on all absences. Similarly, request for taking children out of school during the day, e.g. for medical or dental reasons, must be made either by letter or by an appointment card. Under no circumstances will children be allowed to leave school premises without an adult.

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For more information regarding attendance, please visit Portsmouth City Council School Attendance which helps with queries such as the difference between authorised and unauthorised absences and top tips to help prevent absence.

What to do if my child is ill.

If you are worried that your child isn't well enough for school, please check the following link for more information:
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If your child will not be attending school due to illness please contact us using the details below:

Portsmouth City Council will continue to process penalty notices for a leave of absence which is unauthorised and take legal action if a parent fails to discharge their criminal liability by paying the penalty notice.

Contact:   Donald McIntyre, Tel: 023 9284 1449

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