November Newsletter

19th November

Dear Parents/Carers,

Update on Mr Parkes

I am absolutely delighted to report that Mr Parkes continues to make great improvements, and this week was able to return home. I asked him recently if he would be happy to send us all a short video message so we could see how he is doing. For those of you who know Mr Parkes, please go on to our website and look for the link on the top bar and you will be able to see for yourselves that he is making great progress. Good for you Martin – you deserve an “Ofsted Outstanding!”  

Staff Change
This is just to let you know that I will be stepping down next July. I broke this news to the staff and governors yesterday. It might seem very early to tell you this, but the governors will need to start the process of replacing me very soon and I would hate for anyone to hear “second hand.” (You deserve better than that.)

By the time next July comes round I’ll have been headteacher here for 17 years and I have loved it – I still do and in truth am struggling to convince myself to leave! It’s been an incredibly tough decision to make and I will miss everyone desperately, but the school is in a really good place (including the leadership capacity) and so the timing is as good as it will ever be.

I also know that I could still be here in 10 years’ time still feeling the same reluctance to go, and still hesitating over the decision, so I guess at some point you just have to take the plunge! I just can’t quite bring myself to say that word that starts “retir…” J

I won’t be involved in the appointment process, as I have to stay strictly neutral, but the governors are being supported by the Local Authority, and they’ll keep me informed of any developments so that I can let you know how it is all going. The appointment should be completed by the time of the Easter Break.

My very kindest regards,

Mr Brawley

Christmas Decoration Day – 29th November
Parents and Grandparents are very welcome to join us for a part of this day when the children prepare the school for Christmas by making decorations. However, there is a lot of glue and glitter involved so I definitely would advise you not to wear your “Sunday Best!”

Older siblings can only attend if they are accompanied by parents or grandparents and if they are not due to be attending any other school! The classrooms tend to get very crowded, so we need to ask you to leave any buggies in the KS1 hall. They will need to be removed by 11:30 so we can then get the hall ready for lunchtime.

Online safety
We thought we would include the following link:

If you click on this link there is good information on different subjects surrounding online safety. This is something we all need to be so vigilant about now on behalf of all our children.

Christmas Fair/Santa’s Grotto
Thanks to the wonderful volunteers who have recently joined the PFA. Well done! As a result of this we are delighted to announce that we will be holding a Christmas Fair on 6th December after school and Santa’s Grotto between 2nd and 4th December.

Choir and Carols
On 10th December our choir will be singing carols down at the Cascades centre at 13:30 to raise money for Rowans Hospice. On Sunday 15th December the choir are going to be singing at the Mountbatten centre for a Christmas Fair and Express FM will be recording it. We should be “on air” sometime between 11:00 and 13:00. They will then also be performing outside Coffee & Co in Copnor Road on 21st November at 16:00 to celebrate the switching on of the Christmas lights. Please come along if you can and support the children for these events.

Christmas Shoebox Appeal
Thank you to those who donated Christmas shoeboxes for Rotary International. This is a wonderful charity which we have supported for many years. We collected 59 boxes and these will be sent to disadvantaged children in Albania, Montenegro, Moldova and Romania.

Book Fair
Mrs Short and Mrs Lockey are pleased to report that they have been able to add many new books to the school library after the recent Book Fair. They sold £406 worth of books! It’s so lovely to see parents’ continued commitment to their children’s’ reading for pleasure and they’d like to say a big thank you to you all! They hope you were able to squirrel away some lovely Christmas books too! The next Book Fair will be in the spring term and details will be sent out then.

Nut Allergies
We currently have a couple of children in school who have quite serious nut allergies. We’ve spent quite a bit of time researching what is best practice with both the School Nursing service and the Anaphylaxis campaign. If you go on to our website you will find there is now an updated “Allergies Policy” in the Policies tab then the Safeguarding section. Please read this for the details, but in essence: foodstuffs that say they do contain nuts can’t be allowed (the worst culprits are peanuts and Nutella spread) but foodstuffs that say “may contain” nuts (usually chocolate bars or biscuits) can be allowed as long as we exercise caution.

Sun Books for Schools
Mrs Short will be coordinating this scheme. Please send your tokens into school, in an envelope marked for her attention. Thank you.

Hockey Success
Copnor entered two teams into this year’s hockey tournament, held at Admiral Lord Nelson on 7th November. Both teams played exceptionally well, showing great sportsmanship, teamwork and collaboration. The A team came second overall and the B team came third. Well done to everyone who took part, we are very proud of you all (especially Mrs Wood!)

Nelson, Wilson, Finley, Christian, Haidyn, Kaitlyn, Dolly, Harriett, Rebecca, Dylan, Oliver, Ronnie, George, and Toby.

A special thank you goes to Mr Bloomfield (Y5 parent) for volunteering his time to help coach the children.

Parent/Reader Volunteers
We would really appreciate if any more parents could volunteer to read with the children. If you are able to spare the odd hour during the week we would be so grateful. If you think you can help, then please leave your details with the office and we will get back to you.

Minibus Drivers

We are about to purchase a second minibus in an attempt to keep costs down on some trips, as it is generally the cost of coaches that drives the prices up. Our huge thanks go to the PFA for raising funds for this.

One of the difficulties though, is having enough drivers. If you think you would be interested in driving our minibus on occasions, to help us, please do let us know. We would love to have a pool of drivers we could call on now-and-again. There is a day’s training involved (which we would obviously pay for) and there is a little “test” at the end of it, but it is nothing to worry about. Please let the office know if you think you might be interested. Thank you.

Staff Panto
Yes the madness and mayhem returns! This year’s Christmas capers will see a return of Cinderella on 17th December at 18:00 Please keep your eyes out for ticket sales as they go as fast as freshly-baked mince pies!

Winter approaches
I’ll put this message in now …. Just in case! We’ve been lucky over the years; but the time is coming when we had best let you know what would happen if it snowed badly during the winter.
If we had to close we would do the following:

Send out a message on the text service
Put a notice on the website
Put a message on the front and back gates (assuming we can get someone in to do that)
Contact Portsmouth City Council who will then publicise the closure on their website

It would then be a case of monitoring the school website for updates.
This message is now in a tab on the front page of the website should you ever need it.
Upcoming Dates (up to Christmas)

20th Nov           Informal chance for parents to look at books after school 15:00-15:30

21st Nov           YrR-Yr2 Flu Immunisation

22nd Nov          Yr3-Yr6 Flu Immunisation

26th Nov           Potential parents for YR in Sept 2020 viewing school 09:30

29th Nov           Christmas Decoration Day (Parents/Grandparents welcome)

2nd-4th Dec       Santa’s Grotto

4th Dec            Rocksteady Concert in morning

4th Dec            Christmas Discos YR 15:00-15:45, Y1/2 16:00-17:00

5th Dec            Year R Health Screens

5th Dec            Christmas Discos Y3/4 15:30-16:30, Y5/6 16:45-18:00

6th Dec            Year R Health Screens

 6th Dec           Christmas Fair 15:15 – 16:30

 9th Dec           Portsmouth City Council Carol Concert 17:40-19:30 (This is still to be confirmed)

11th Dec          Year R Nativity 09:30

11th Dec          Y4 Christmas Production 14:15-15:00 then 18:00-18:45

12th Dec          Year R Nativity 09:30

12th Dec          Potential parents for YR in Sept 2020 viewing school 13:15

12th Dec          Carols in the playground 17.30 – 18.30

13th Dec          Christmas Jumper Day

17th Dec          Staff Panto to parents 18:00

18th Dec          Staff Panto to KS1 09:30

18th Dec          Staff Panto to KS2 13:30

19th Dec          Christmas Lunch 11:45

20th Dec          Christmas Parties

20th Dec          Last day of Half-Term 2


Christmas Holidays 23rd Dec to 3rd January

6th Jan            First day of Half –Term 3



Kind regards,

Mr D Brawley.