June Newsletter

13th June

Dear Parents/Carers,


Well….. I think I have forgotten how to write a “normal” newsletter but it is an absolute pleasure to do so as it is another sign that things might slowly be returning to something a bit more like normality.

Thank you to the parents/carers!

The first thing to say is the world’s biggest thank you to everyone for remaining as patient as you have. We have a way to go yet before we will be truly normal, but we will get there. As a body of parents I know you have understood the challenges we have faced and still continue to face, but your support and kind words have been truly valued.

One of the strange things of this whole horrid period has been how it has often brought out the best in people; be it a message from the parents and children who organised the Y6 dance videos to the parents who organised some fund raising that we didn’t even know about. You might want to watch the following links, in case you haven’t yet seen them:

https://youtu.be/cow3g5rwKhU       for Year 6’s macarena

https://1drv.ms/v/s!ArDYb3SdvhgN1RO_C8og6UhszKM8        for the fundraising video

I know we are not all back yet, and sometimes it can be towards the end of difficult times that people’s patience can run out, but we will get there!

Thank you to the staff!
I often say this; but I say it because I mean it: we have the best school staff in the world. They care so much for the children and they have never stopped working during this lockdown. They have been absolute superstars. If I could give them all a medal, I most definitely would!

Staffing next year
This is a very strange one for me to write this year for obvious reasons.

However, all the time that the lockdown has been organised we have had to continue with the long-term planning for when things return to normal.

You’ll be delighted to know that the staff remains very stable indeed. In fact we only have one new teacher to introduce who is Mrs Jenner.

I have been working regularly with Mr Johnson who will take over from me in September and I can definitely tell you he is a really nice man who I am confident will fit in well and run a good ship.

As well as all the “Zoom” meetings he regularly has with me, he has been working with the senior leadership team and will be able to visit the school regularly this half-term to work alongside all the staff.

I was always determined that Mr Johnson would have the best possible handover and whilst this virus might have tried to sabotage us we have not allowed it to do so!

So the teacher deployment for next year looks as follows:



Headteacher – Mr Johnson

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Petipher

Assistant Headteacher (SENCo) – Miss Roberts

Assistant Headteacher (Teaching and Learning) – Mr Cowell

Assistant Headteacher (Teaching and Learning) – Miss Shackelford


               Year R                                   Year 1                                        Year 2

                 Mrs Chambers (Y Leader)            Mrs Finch (Y Leader)          Miss Whittingham (Y Leader)

                 Mrs Rook/Mrs Merrett                      Miss Hall                      Mrs Rogers / Mrs Middleton

    Miss Tudor-Williams                  Mrs Button/Mrs Burt                         Mrs Doherty

 Year 3                               Year 4                           Year 5                                    Year 6  

    Miss Woolcott (Y Leader)      Mrs Wood (Y Leader)             Mr Mansfield (Y Leader)       Miss Wheeler (Y Leader)

                             Mrs Jeffes/Mrs Smedley            Mrs Miles                             Mrs Hill/Mr Watts                        Mr Ball

                             Miss Holloway                          Miss O’Hare                          Mr Sanson                                    Miss Eddy

                             Mrs Paice (am)                     Mr Cowell (am)                         Mrs Jenner                                    Mr Gaden
                                                                                                                                                                           Miss Shackelford (am)



Training Days left this year
We were scheduled to have one left on 26th June but we will not take that. It just seems somehow to add insult to injury to expect key workers to have to accommodate that so we will simply miss taking it.

Training Days in 2020/21
The return times of next year were always set to be very strange. The children are due to return on a Thursday which seems far from ideal. The first day back should have been Thursday 3rd September.

However, the school will take the first two days back as training days so the children will not return until Monday 7th September.

I think given the amount there will be to sort and giving Mr Johnson the time to get to know everyone, that this is a wise choice.

Please now that the weather is hot apply some suncream to your child, if you can, before sending them in. They can bring some in if they need to, but it is clearly very important that they do not share it with anyone else. We will not be able to apply it.

Phase 2 of heating renovation
You might have forgotten, but last summer Portsmouth City Council replaced all our heating boilers which we are very grateful for. It has made such a difference! We were about to undertake the final phase of this work starting at Easter as the council had also agreed to replace all the pipework and radiators throughout the school.

I was really keen for all of this work to be completed before September so that Mr Johnson wouldn’t have to put up with the disruption but I’m afraid coronavirus did beat us there! For reasons of safety and minimising any unnecessary contact we have had to delay that. However, Portsmouth City Council have promised me that the project will be delayed; not cancelled!

Sorry for the disruption, Mr Johnson!

Upcoming Dates
These are very difficult to write with any certainty at present as they will all be very dependent on what the guidelines for social distancing will become. As a result we have just shown the start and end of terms for the present and we will update you before the summer break.



22nd July                       Last day of Half-Term

23rd July                       School holidays begin (as things stand at present)

3rd September               Training Day 1

4th September               Training Day 2

7th September               Children return (at present it is still unknown when this will be)  


Kind regards,

Mr D Brawley.