March Newsletter

13th March

Dear Parents/Carers,

Coronavirus Update
So far, I am very relieved to say that we have still escaped this. However, we all can see from the daily news that it is a fast changing situation which needs careful monitoring. We continue to get daily updates from the DfE and should anything change we will let you know straight away. At the time of writing this the advice we have is contained in this link for those that are interested:
The cleaners have all been offered as much overtime as they can do and they are focussing on continuously disinfecting handrails, door handles etc. We are going over all these surfaces repeatedly at the start and end of each day; and where possible during the course of the day too.  The information from the government meeting yesterday asks people to self-isolate for seven days (and therefore not attend school) if they have a persistent cough and/or a raised temperature. Clearly this puts the responsibility on the individuals.  We cannot really advise with individual cases, we would just ask you to use your best judgement.

Parent Survey
Thank you so much to all those parents who took the time to complete this. The results were very positive indeed and very similar to the results we had at our last Ofsted inspection nearly three years ago. They are on the website in full for you to read in the “Parents” tab. It is likely that we will receive our next inspection sometime before July 2021 though it’s always impossible to predict. However, I will make a special plea now. If it happens in the next school year, please do help the school by re-doing this for the inspection team.

Getting ready for next year
I was delighted when the governors managed to make an appointment to replace me and I have now started to work with Mr Johnson to get things ready.
The most important news is this: he is a very nice man! J
I am filled with hope that the school will be in good hands and will carry on its successes.
We are actually in a very fortunate position and one that appears to be quite unusual. It feels like there are few schools in this day and age that manage to change their headteachers in an honourable way with lots of time to have a genuine and meaningful transition, but we are one of the few!
From Easter onwards, Mr Johnson will be working with me almost every week and getting to know the staff and the systems.
Mr Johnson is keen to work with me and the senior leadership team to arrange the start for next year and as soon as we have worked out things like training days and opportunities for you to get to meet him, we will let you know the details.

Bank Holiday 8th May
Please note the unusual situation this year that the bank holiday is not on a Monday. It is on Friday 8th May.

Lost Property
We will be displaying any unnamed lost property on the playground after school on Wednesday 25th March, so please come along and see if any items belong to your child/children.
Any unclaimed lost property will be sent to a local charity on Friday 27th March.

Year 4 Farm Visit
The children in Year 4 were very lucky to be invited to experience a day on Hyden Farm in Clanfield. We were met by Beth the farmer’s daughter who shared her wealth of knowledge on what farming is like today and also during Tudor times. The children learned about arable farming and learned about the grains that are used in lots of the foods we enjoy. The Farmer took the children out on the tractor to visit the sheep and they made their own sheep to take home.
In the afternoon, they walked around the farm and met the cows, pigs, ducks, chickens and sheep. The children got to feed all of the animals and stroke a 4 day old lamb! It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all the children and fortunately the weather remained kind to us!

World Book Day
Thank you to everybody for their amazing effort on World Book Day. The children had lots of fun reading books, hunting for Where's Wally and making their very own book trailers which will be available on our website soon. On the day we set the children a challenge of reading as many books as possible. We are pleased to reveal that in just one day we managed to read 1579 books! Just imagine how many we could read in a week. We are looking forward to seeing what next year's World Book Day brings. 

Phase 2 of heating renovation
You might not be aware, but last summer Portsmouth City Council replaced all our heating boilers which we are very grateful for. It has made such a difference! We are now about to undertake the final phase of this work starting at Easter as the council have also now agreed to replace all the pipework and radiators throughout the school. As I’m sure you’ll realise, this is a major operation. Inevitably, there will be some disruption but it will be well worth it and it will certainly make things even comfier for the children and also make the school more energy efficient at the same time. We’ll be sure to be vigilant with health and safety throughout.

Parent/Reader Volunteers
We would really appreciate if any more parents could volunteer to read with the children. If you are able to spare the odd hour during the week we would be so grateful. If you think you can help, then please leave your details with the office and we will get back to you.

Quiz Evening – 19th March
A group of Year 5/6 children are working with Miss Shackelford to design a Quiz Evening for parents. Teams of up to 6 can apply and if you would like more details please contact the school office. Please put aside some time in your calendar to come along and support this. At the same time you can enjoy beating the governors’ team and the staff teams!! J

Upcoming Dates (up to Summer)

19th March                   School Nursing Service to screen Year R
19th March                   Quiz Evening for adults 18.00
20th March                   School Nursing Service to screen Year R
23rd March                   Tiger class visit to Southsea
23rd March                   Y2 SATs Parents’ Meeting 18:00
24th March                   Monkey class visit to Southsea
25th March                   Lost property in playground at end of day
26th March                   Giraffe class visit to Southsea
1st April                        Rocksteady Concert
2nd April                       Year 2 Outcome for parents at 14.15
2nd April                       Easter Egg Hunt after school
3rd April                       Author Visit to Y5/6
3rd April                       Last day of 4th Half-Term
20th April                     First day of 5th Half-Term
21st April                      Year 6 Fairthorne meeting for parents 18.00
28th April                     Informal chance for parents/carers to look at children’s books at 15:15
8th May                        Bank Holiday – Note this is a Friday
11th May                      KS2 SATs week
15th May                      Training Day 4
22nd May                     Last day of 5th Half-Term
1st June                        First day of 6th Half-Term
1st June                        Fairthorne Week for Year 6
4th June                        Year R New Parents’ Intake Meeting 18:00 (but can informally tour YR from 17:30)
10th June                      Year 3 New Parents’ Intake Meeting 17:00
16th June                      Photographers for team and class photos
18th June                      Sports Afternoon (all Year groups)
23rd June                      Reserve Sports Afternoon (in case weather is poor on 18th June)
24th June                      Year R visit to Longdown Dairy Farm
24th June                      Informal chance for parents/carers to look at children’s books at 15:15
26th June                      Training Day 5
3rd July                         Summer Fair 15:15-16:30
6th July                         Transition Day 1 for Y6 to visit secondary schools
7th July                         Transition Day 2 for Y6 to visit secondary schools
8th July                         Rocksteady Concert
8th July                         Awards Evening
10th July                       Annual reports due to be sent to parents
13th July                       Y6 Musical Production 13:45 then at 18:00
15th July                       Learning to Lead children on one night residential visit to Tile Barn Centre
20th July                       Y6 Leavers’ BBQ 16:30-18:00
22nd July                      Last day of Half-Term


Kind regards,

Mr D Brawley.