July Newsletter

16th July


Dear Parents/Carers,

Awards Evening

Thank you to all who came along and supported this. It was a lovely evening. It really was hard picking the three nominees and then the winner from these in each case. We have 686 lovely children and we know that every single one of them is special in lots of ways. So, if your child wasn’t chosen this year, please encourage them not to give up and to give it their all next year and who knows?

This year’s role of honour is shown below with the winner in each category listed in bold. A huge congratulations goes to all the nominees. We’re very proud of you all.

Artist of the Year Wiktoria B Darcey M Joe M
Scientist of the Year Rebecca F Oren L Charlie N
Musician of the Year Caitlin F                  James L-H            Summer W        
Boys’ Maths Champion Charlie B Buddy H Ronnie C
Girls’ Maths Champion Eva-Rose D-W Isabelle O Freya H
Mitchell Cup for Reading Oliver J Christine S Lolia B
Dance/Drama Chloe W Jacob E Darla R
Sports Boy of the Year Frankie P Teddy Y Louie P
Sports Girl of the Year Honor M Hailey W Rose T
Excellent  attendance through KS1and KS2     Katie N
Community Award Mahdiya D Dylan H-F Pola Z
Overcoming Challenges Buddy L Kerem Y Jasper L-W
Courage Award Jacob G Kia T Lennon R
Respect Award Sammar G Ana M Anna H
Resilience Award Lola F Oliver S James F
Initiative Award Jamil T Catriona L Emily C
Collaboration Award Finley C Theodora P Sydney H
Tolerance Award Ruby H Rubie F Belle B
Aspire and Achieve Aryan A Lily P Grace M

Children’s Books

We are going to send the children’s English, Maths and Topic books home this year on Friday 19th July so that you can keep them for posterity; perhaps even remind them of their spelling mistakes once they are famous!

We hope you find this useful, and we’d really appreciate it if you could send your child in with a carrier bag that day to take their books home in.

The only books we aren’t able to give are their current ones as we change these each year in the final half-term rather than in September.

SATs Results

These are shown in summary below. We have shown you the results alongside last year’s school results and last year’s National results so you can make a comparison. All the figures are in percentages.

You’ll see it’s an excellent set of results in Y2 again which bodes really well and we have turned a corner in most areas in Y6 except Reading. To be fair, we had always predicted that our attainment results for Y6 in 2019 would be poorer and then bounce back in 2020 (see newsletter 47) but boy-oh-boy did the girls and boys work hard and do their very best. I hasten to add we are very proud of them!

The most important measure is actually progress over KS2 (rather than attainment) and again this is improved in all areas except Reading where it drops slightly.

However, I am delighted to repeat that we are very excited about the future as the good times are about to happen. Our predictions for next year are good and not just for next year!


2018 School results

2018 National results

2019 School Results

Year R “Good Level of Development”




Year 1 Phonics




Year 2 Reading Expected+




Year 2 Reading Exceeding




Year 2 Writing Expected+




Year 2 Writing Exceeding




Year 2 Maths Expected+




Year 2 Maths Exceeding




Year 2 R/W/M Combined Expected+


Not reported


Year 2 R/W/M CombinedExceeding


Not reported


Year 6 Reading Expected+




Year 6 Reading Exceeding




Year 6 Writing Expected+




Year 6 Writing Exceeding




Year 6 EGPS Expected+




Year 6 EGPS Exceeding




Year 6 Maths Expected+




Year 6 Maths Exceeding




Year 6 R/W/M Combined Expected+




Year 6 R/W/M Combined Exceeding




Head and Deputy Head Boy and Girl

We are now able to announce who our superstars for next year are:


Head Boy                       Jacob              Head Girl                       Jessica

Deputy Head Boy         Dylan               Deputy Head Girl          Cleo


Our heartiest congratulations go to them. It is a real honour to be chosen for this in a school of nearly 700 pupils. Well done to them all.


Also we should say a HUGE thank you to this year’s children who have done a great job. They have been:


Head Boy                       Aryan                           Head Girl                     Grace

Deputy Head Boy         Bobby                          Deputy Head Girl          Mahdiya


Learning to Lead

This year, the Learning to Lead ambassadors voted on roles to develop their skills across the school including readers in KS1, Sport Leaders and Playground Leaders.

Readers in KS1:These children read with assigned KS1 children twice weekly.

Tanisha, Isabelle, Sydney, Cleo, Rebecca, Jessica, Liliyah, Izzy, Lily, Grace, Ruby, Lily.

Sports Leaders: These children have arranged and lead games for others to play at breaktimes and lunchtimes.

Aiden, James, Charlie, Bella, Richard, Joel, Louie, Summer, Alby, Dylan, Bradley, Bobby, Sa’eed, James, Lloyd, Oren, George, Upamanyu.

Playground Leaders: These children have been in the playground helping others to make friends and have begun to support friendship groups to solve disputes without adult intervention.

Kimberley, Rose, Peyton, Ellie, Callum, Emily, Ruby, Lexie, Toby, Louie, Mackenzie, Mia, Lucie, Oliver, Woody, Hollie, Aryan, Zaaria, Darcey, Mia.

The expectations for Learning to Lead have changed this year: the children have had to provide more examples of leading an activity for a group or class. For Gold and Platinum awards, they have had to lead activities in other year groups and in groups outside of school.  Their booklets include examples of when the children have shown the school’s learning values and other characteristics of being a good leader. Our recent medal winners are:

Gracie, Freddie, James, Callum


Dylan, Poppie, Finley, Oliver, Honey, Dolly, Cleo, Peyton, Sienna, Charlie, Connie, Faith, Maxwell, Heidi, Scarlett, Brooke, Toby, Lauren, Cassidy, Poppy, Kutaila, Maisie, Skye, Phoebe, Eve, Betsy, Sophie, Letti, Juliet, Rudi, Ebony-Mae, Charlie, Charlie


Toby, Finley, Hailey, Kerem, Wilson, Bella, Summer, Louie, Scarlett, Wateen


Aryan, Haidyn, Liliyah, Jessica.

There are also lots of children very close to achieving their medals. Keep working on these!

Update on Mr Parkes

I’m really pleased to say that our much loved Mr Parkes is surpassing all expectations in terms of a recovery. It’s going to be a long haul for him though. He is going to be moved to a specialist clinic in Salisbury over the summer but he now has movement in both his legs and his left arm; and I am absolutely delighted to report that he also has a little limited movement in his right arm too.

We’ve let him know all the kind wishes you have sent and he thanks everyone for their thoughts. His room is covered in all the decorations that the children have made for him.

I’ll update you in September in the first newsletter when we get back on his progress.


Please can we remind you to collect any medication your child may have in school from the office by the last day of term.  Any uncollected medicine will be disposed of with the local pharmacy on Wednesday 24th July.  If your child has an asthma pump or epipen in school please make sure they return to school on 4th September with their medication in date and the administering medication form completed. 

Contact Details

Please remember to keep the school updated if you change your address or any contact details.

School Meals

Portsmouth City Council have informed us that school meals will increase to £2.10 from September.

Lost Property

Lost property will be on display in the playground after school on Thursday 18th July.  Any unclaimed items will be displayed in the playground after school on Monday 22nd July and they will be offered for sale at a cost of £1.00 per item.  All the proceeds will go to the PFA funds for the school.

Water Bottles

Please remember to take your child’s water bottle home on the last day of term as Portsmouth Water Company are only replacing the lids in September.  The new Reception children and any children new to the school will still receive one water bottle.

Summer Fair

Thank you to everyone who attended our Summer Fair.  The weather was fabulous as was the turn out and we raised a staggering £1,362.99, although we still need to deduct our costs from this figure. Once again, thank you for all your support throughout the year for our fundraising events. Huge thanks to Michelle O’Reilly and Lou Taylor for organising this.

Images Art Gallery

Thank you to everyone who supported this event as we raised a total of £310.10 towards school funds.

We hope you are pleased with the latest piece to add to your art collection! 

Teaching Staff

Welcome back from maternity leave to Mrs Jeffes, who we forgot to mention in last month’s newsletter.

Coffee Afternoon

We plan to make tea and coffee available on Thursday 5th September between 3.15pm and 3.45pm so that you can pop in and meet your child’s new teacher if you wish to do this.  The senior leaders will also be in the KS2 hall. Please feel free to just come in and say hello.

Kind regards,

Mr D Brawley.

Training Days in 2019/20

We’re going to give you these now so you have lots of time to arrange childcare:


Monday           30th September             Training Day 1

Monday           18th November               Training Day 2

Friday              31st January                 Training Day 3

Friday              15th May                      Training Day 4

Friday              26th June                     Training Day 5


Upcoming Dates (up to October half-term)


17th July           Y6 Musical Production 13:45 then 18:00

22nd July          Y6 Leavers’ BBQ 16:30-18:00

23rd July           Last Day of term

4th Sept             First Day of new Academic Year (Wednesday)

5th Sept             Coffee Afternoon (3.15pm – 3.45pm)

9th Sept             Phased entry begins for Year R

18th Sept           Yr1  - Yr6 Individual children’s photos (or with siblings in Yr1 – Yr6)

25th Sept           Informal chance to look at children’s books after school 15:00-15:30

30th Sept           Training Day 1

1st Oct              Parents Evening: KS1 15:15-19:00 and KS2 15:30-19:00

2nd Oct              Parents Evening: KS1 15:15-19:00 and KS2 15:30-19:00

8th Oct              Open Afternoon for parents/grandparents 13:00-15:00

10th Oct            Y3 Sleepover

24th Oct            Individual photos for Year R and anyone who was absent on 18th Sept

25th Oct            Last day of term

4th Nov             First day of new term




 We wish you all a lovely August. See you all again on 4th September