July Newsletter

14th July

13th July 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

Training Days in 2020/21
The return times of next year were always set to be very strange. The children are due to return on a Thursday which seems far from ideal. The first day back should have been Thursday 3rd September.

However, the school will take the first two days back as training days, so the children will not return to Monday 7th September.

Please now that the weather is hot apply some sun-cream to your child, if you can, before sending them in. The same may apply in September or not!  They can bring some in if they need to, but it is clearly very important that they do not share it with anyone else and we will not be able to apply it.

Annual Reports
You should have received these last Friday along with your child’s class for next year. Please don’t panic if your child’s grades look lower than normal; this is almost certainly going to be the case as we have reported to you the point they were at when the lockdown began. Of course, this was only two-thirds of the way through the year, so if you are used to seeing a grade of “Exceeding” for your child, you will have received “Expected” and if you are used to seeing “Expected” there is also a good chance your child will only have received “emerging.”
However, this will be very likely to reflect what they had been able to cover, rather than their innate ability. One of the big tasks for next year (for all schools) is to accelerate the learning to get it back to where it should be. I have to say though: I am confident the school will be able to do this.

Poetry Competition Success
Earlier this year, we offered our Year 5s the chance to enter a poetry competition which required them to write a poem about space. I am delighted to say that five of our children were successful and won the competition! This means that their poems will be published in an 'Out of This World' poetry book, which will be released later this year! When we find out more details we will let you know.

So, a huge well done is in order to: Pola, Nadine, Isabelle, Bella Johnson, and Summer. Congratulations! We're all very proud of you. Year 6 will have five published authors come September!

Please help us with Library Books
We are going to leave a large box at the front entrance each morning whilst the gates are open and we would be hugely grateful if you could return any school library books by placing them in there. Thank you!

Upcoming Dates
These remain very difficult to write with any certainty at present as they will all be very dependent on what the guidelines for social distancing will become. As a result we have just shown the start and end of terms for the present and Mr Johnson will update you all when he is more certain.

22nd July                      Last day of Half-Term

23rd July                       School holidays begin

3rd September               Training Day 1

4th September               Training Day 2

7th September               Children return

Goodbye and Good Luck!
Although Mr Parkes and Mrs Godwin have not been with us for over a year now, I did want to mention that they are both making progress with their health although they are now no longer on the staff. I also wanted to Say a huge thanks to John Stock who is also retiring as our clerk to the governors. John is one of the those quiet, hard-working people whose work behind the scenes has been invaluable to the school for many years.



And finally …a personal message
I feel bad that I’ve not been able to say cheerio to you at any of the usual public events. I had said that I would leave a short video message, but I had forgotten we were returning to normal with newsletters and that I could leave you with a short message, here, to thank you for your support over the years.

This is certainly not the way I had envisaged retiring!
Copnor is an incredibly special place to me. I actually started my teaching career here at Copnor Middle School back in 1989, and then returned 14 years later to be the headteacher of Copnor Junior School in 2003. I knew I was going to have a challenge and that was confirmed when the school was placed in “Special Measures” 14 months after my arrival. However, we went on to reach two consecutive “outstanding” judgements in record time (one for a whole school inspection and one for a Science inspection.) I then became headteacher of the newly formed Copnor Primary School in 2014 inheriting what had been the Infant School which was then in Requires Improvement and we went on to reach “Good with Outstanding.”
If you sliced me in two like a stick of seaside rock, you would find the word “Copnor” written all the way down to the very bottom. But it’s not all about Ofsted gradings. It’s not even all about SATs results, important though both these things are. Why I’m so proud of the school is that I see motivated, happy children. The children are brilliant and have so much potential. I will miss them hugely.
Sometimes we’ve got things wrong, of course, and when that has happened it has been my fault, but one thing I truly believe is that we have the best staff in the world. I genuinely think the children are lucky to have such a dedicated team.
I also, though, need to thank you the parents and carers. The last few, very strange months have confirmed just how supportive you are and for that I truly thank you. The number of very kind messages we have received to thank us for doing our best in these difficult circumstances, has been heart-warming.
I hope I might be able to return to see all the children one last time when things have returned more to normal, but I suppose it is unlikely that I will meet most of you again.

So I will take this last chance to say “thank you!”

I wish all the children and yourselves every happiness in life and I hope to hear great things of the school and the children as the years pass.

Take care everyone
My very best wishes to you all,

Mr D Brawley.