September Newsletter

7th September

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome Back

We hope you have all had a great August and that the children are rested and raring to go. This is just a short newsletter that largely repeats some of what was said just before we broke up for the holidays but we thought it wouldn’t do any harm to remind you all of the dates.

“Marvellous Me” Update

We’re now getting ready to start to use this software which we described in newsletter 47.

A letter will be sent home soon with additional information and a request for you to agree to sign up.  If you don’t sign up for it then I’m afraid we won’t be able to use it with you.

If you remember; in essence it allows teachers to send you an icon via text and/or email when your child has done something well.

It doesn’t go into any detail; it is either just an icon or perhaps an icon with a very short message. The idea of it is simply to alert you to the fact that something good has happened so that you can then ask your child later that evening.

I suspect it will take a time to get it working properly as is usually the case with brand new IT systems, but potentially it looks really good and we’re going to pilot it this half-term with a view to it becoming fully established by the end of October.

Please just bear with us though, if things go a bit awry to begin with.

Our name seems to travel far and wide!

We received a surprising and rather lovely email from a stranger in Fareham this week. As you hopefully know, we regularly encourage everyone to come in and collect any lost property as this really builds up over the year and we simply have nowhere to store it indefinitely.

After we advertise this a few times we sell any remaining items that are nearly new at the front office and we donate any older items to charity.

So imagine our surprise when we received an email directing us to a “You-Tube” clip on photography and telling us to watch the moment 5 minutes and 58 seconds in when one of our donated sweatshirts appears!

It’s actually quite an interesting video in its own right, and perfectly fine for the children to watch if you want them to access You-Tube with you there.

It was very kind of the man to let us know and fascinating to see a Copnor sweatshirt in Afghanistan. We should be pleased we have helped the young lad and I hope you watch it and find it as interesting as we did.

The URL address is:

Our latest collection of unclaimed uniform has been donated to the charitable organisation, Angel Home, who send items to orphans living in extreme poverty in rural villages in Odisha, India

Requests for Leave of Absence

I know sometimes this can cause tension but attendance really is important. All requests for absence are considered individually within their context, but it is rare that requests for leave are sanctioned and we certainly try hard to administer this policy as consistently as we can. Requests should be made in advance and as early as possible to provide time for an informed decision to be made. It also helps if you can provide as much information as possible. Thank you.

School Meals

Can we remind parents to order school dinners online in advance.  This is a simple process but one that will ensure your child receives the meal of their choice.  If you require any further information please contact the school office.

Online Payments

We sent out letters before the holidays with a unique code for you to register with for online payments for school activities.  A huge thank you from the office staff for those parents who have already signed up, it has made tracking payments much easier.  If you have not already done so, please can we encourage you to register, we have lots of exciting trips coming up and this will make things easier for yourselves as well as the office team.  Parents who have already done so have said how much it has made their life easier.  If you have any difficulties, please see a member of the office staff.

School Photos

Children from Year 1 – Year 6 will have individual photos taken on Wednesday 12th September with an opportunity for siblings to have their photos taken together on the same day. Children who have siblings starting in Reception will be able to have photos taken together in November.  Please return the slip at the bottom of the letter sent out recently, even if you decide that you do not wish your child to have their photo taken.

National Flu Vaccination Programme

The school nursing team will be visiting the school in October to carry out the National Flu Vaccination programme for children in Year R through to and including Year 5.  A consent form will be sent home approximately two weeks prior to the vaccination.  Every child must return their form, even if they are not having the vaccination.  If we do not receive a form your child cannot be vaccinated. Due to time constraints, the nursing team will not be returning after the dates listed below.


During the summer holiday Mrs Carroll decided to move on. She had been a teaching assistant with us for several years. We wish her good luck with her future and best wishes for her forthcoming wedding.

Baby News

We are very pleased to announce that Mrs Burt, one of our year 1 teachers last year, has a new addition to her family.  We would like to congratulate Mrs Burt and her family on the safe arrival of their daughter.

Training Days in 2018/19

Friday              28th September            Training Day 1

Friday              23rd November            Training Day 2

Monday           28th January                Training Day 3

Friday              17th May                      Training Day 4

Friday              21st June                     Training Day 5


Upcoming Dates (up to October half-term)

3rd Sept            First Day of new Academic Year

10th Sept          Phased entry begins for Year R

12th Sept          Individual children’s photos (or with siblings Yr1-Yr6)

25th Sept          Informal chance to look at children’s books after school 15:00-15:30

27th Sept          After-school Reading activities 15:15-16:00

28th Sept          Training Day 1

2nd Oct             Open Afternoon for parents/grandparents 13:00-15:00

4th Oct              Able Maths Day for Y5/6 – details to follow

9th Oct              Parents Evening: KS1 15:15-19:00 and KS2 15:30-19:00

10th Oct            Parents Evening: KS1 15:15-19:00 and KS2 15:30-19:00

17th Oct            Flu vaccinations Y1-5

18th Oct            Flu vaccinations Y1-5

18th Oct            Y3 Sleepover

19th Oct            Last day of term

29th Oct            First day of new term


Kind regards,


Mr D Brawley.

Do try to look at our website regularly to see what is happening.