Internet Resources

There are a number of ways to help your child with mathematics.  These websites are a great resource for mathematics games and support with topics your child is finding difficult or as a way to reinforce their learning from school.



BBC Bitesize


Multiplication games







Woodlands Maths Zone

Cool math 4 kids


Maths is fun


There are also a number of practical ways to support your child with maths. 
For example:

• Ask them to weigh out the ingredients for a cake as this will help them to read scales
• Measure out liquids e.g. when making a jelly (again reading scales)
• Paying for items in a shop and calculating the change
• Working out the time an activity takes or the time until something happens
• Budgeting for an event e.g. a birthday party.
• Calculating the distance covered when swimming
• Looking at deals in shops and working out which is the better valued combination e.g. 12 sausage rolls for £2 or 2 packs of 6 for £1.80 (the 2 packs is 20p cheaper)
• Involvement in any home improvements you may be considering e.g. the number of litres of paint required to paint a room, the size of the carpet neede in a room etc