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Look at the books that your teachers chose to share on Book Day:    

To read the synopsis select the book cover

Horrid Henry - synopsis

Read Mrs Doherty's book review here.

Harry Potter - synopsis

Read Mrs Munt's book review here.


Read Mrs Paices's book review here.

Faraway Tree - synopsis





See which books your teachers would recommend you read. 

Mrs Short would recommend you read:

The Spot on My Bum: Horrible Poems for Horrible Children by Gez Walsh

Sir Albert and his Dragon - See and read one of her favourite poems here.

 The Spot on My Bum - synopsis

Library Service Recommendations

The Portsmouth School Library Service often supplies us with lists (see links below) of books that they would recommend for children to read. These often include the latest releases and would be worth a look when you next visit your local library or bookstore. Alternatively, 'Amazon.co.uk/books' is often a good starting place.  

See also The Guardians children’s book webpage which is full of suggestions of quality children’s reading material.

Book Talk 


Book Talk