What is an ELSA



An ELSA is a specialist Teaching Assistant who works with children who have shown a range of emotional or social difficulties. Children may be strugglng to express or understand their emotions, including that of anxiety, low self esteem, anger and sadness.


What happens  during an
 ELSA session



Each session is planned in advance by an ELSA and can last anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the child’s age and needs. It is the responsibility of the ELSA to decide the format for the session and subsequent activities. Usually, this will involve a range of resources, such as puppets for younger children, speaking and listening, role play and more creative exercises.
These motivating and engaging activities are designed to improve children’s emotional literacy; be this understanding their own or those around them. For example, a child may be encouraged to discuss a specific  emotion, such as  anger, in order to  enable them to  understand what  triggers their behaviour and feelings.


Next Steps


ELSA programmes are most effective when there is clear communication between an ELSA and the child’s class teacher.Progress on all targets set will be carefully monitored during the ELSA programme. Children will be encouraged implement new social skills in the class or playground that they have learnt during their sessions.If the school feels that a child may require further support, the school has access to a range of external support services e.g. Educational psychologist and Primary Mental Health Worker.

Your ELSA contact at Copnor Primary School is Mrs J Morrison