School Council

Here at Copnor Primary School we have a School Council of 23 members, one from each class and Miss Tudor-Williams who helps us to organise our activities.
We are responsible for sharing information and making sure the children at our school have a way of talking to the Teachers, Headteacher and Governors. This year we have had four Governors join us during School Council meetings, when we were able to share ideas and ask each other questions.
Each term we are responsible for completing a check on our learning environment. Most recently we discovered that we have been much better at keeping our books and classrooms tidy. However, we need to make sure we have more good examples of our good work on English and Maths displays.
The School Council are also responsible for raising money for charities. 
We share ideas with our classes during class circle time and have plenty of suggestion boxes.
We are currently working with the Healthy Schools committee to ensure the ‘Keeping Healthy’ message is heard by all the children at our school.

                                                     We hope to continue making our school a better place to learn and spend our time.