Mrs Short, the School Librarian works across KS1/2 to advise, encourage and read with children when they visit the library, either independently or with their class during their weekly library time. The library is open until 3.30 every day for children to change their books.
If your child wants to use the library after school and walks home unaccompanied please discuss this with them. 


Mrs Lockey, the Assistant Librarian works in the KS1 Library every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and helps the children change their books during their weekly class library time. The library is open until 3.20 every day for children to change their books with their parents.  

All children in KS2 are able to borrow one fiction book and one nonfiction book at the level given by their teacher.                  

All children in KS1 have access to our collection of Banded Books, which can be changed as often as necessary. During their weekly visits to the library they have free choice of any fiction book (to be shared at home) and a non fiction book at their level (for reading independently, with help where necessary)

Here are some ideas for reading with your child
when they are in  KS2. . .
                Here are some ideas for reading with your child when they are in KS1. . .

On the 22nd February a group of year 6 children will be attending the Portsmouth Literature Quiz at The Plaza Suite, The Pyramids, Southsea with Mrs Short. These children have shown remarkable resilience in reading the four books selected, researching the authors’ websites and attending book quizzes in the library to improve their literary knowledge. We look forward to the Quiz and will be sending permission letters home to the selected children before half term.

We are also very excited to announce that we have secured a visit from one of the authors who will be attending the Literature Quiz and that Peter Bunzl, who wrote Cogheart and Moonlocket will be spending the afternoon with Year 5 and 6 to talk about his writing process and his career as a BAFTA-winning animator and film-maker! We have arranged, in conjunction with the School Library Service, for Hayling Books to supply us with a bookshop on the afternoon of the visit, so that children will be able to purchase one of Peter’s books and have it signed by him on the day. Mrs Short has bought in extra copies should any child want to read either (or both!) before Peter’s visit! Again, a letter will come home before half term.

We are excited to announce that on the morning of the 7th February 2018 children in Reception and Year 1 will have the opportunity to spend time with the author Sue Hendra and the illustrator Paul Linnet. Sue’s books are well loved in the KS1 library and Mrs Short has ordered some more to add to the collection. The ones she found were “well loved” to say the least!

Children in these classes will have the opportunity to buy a book and have it signed by Sue and Paul. Please look out for the letter in your child’s book bag and return the slip to their teacher as soon as possible.




So that we can maximise time spent reading, children will no longer scan their books when visiting the library. We would request that parents periodically check to ensure that books are being returned to school and not building up at home.
If you have any queries about the books your child is reading, please speak with your child’s teacher; some may need further investigation by either Mrs Short or Mrs Lockey