The children in Copnor’s Blog Club have been busy finding out about some of the interesting activities and lessons undertaken by the children around the school. Over the next few months, expect to see additional articles about the school created by our roving reporters, Grace, Izzy, Lily and Megan.

Enjoy reading their articles!


Year 1

Year 1 have been learning about Portsmouth and digging deeper to find out its main features. Here is what they said to us......
"We have made portholes and decorated them with colourful coral and other sea creatures".
To help them learn more they will be going to the famous Portsmouth Dockyard to visit  HMS Victory to get a real taste of what life would have been like on board the well known ship. 
In topic they have been learning about weather in Portsmouth. They gave us the fact that Portsmouth is a very windy and cold city. We are not known for sun and brightness but known for our grey skies and and windy weather. They are also going on a trip to the HMS Victory. Some of the children want to find out what HMS Victory used to be used for.
Thinking more to English, they have been gathering information about underwater sea animals. Some of the animals they have been focussing on are: starfish, crab, lobster and many more. They have been trying to describe the animals in paragraphs as best as they can.
Onto maths, the children have been focussing on ten frames and number lines. They explained to us that they have been ordering numbers and putting them on number lines.





Year 2

Year 2 have been learning about fairytales. They are learning about this by singing songs such as: Fairytale, Beanstalk Blues, Three Pigs and Power in Me. These songs are putting summaries of the stories to music that everyone can enjoy and sing together. Year 2 have also been writing about fairytales in English, reading the re-invented fable of Jack and the Baked Beanstalk and writing about what they think might be at the end of a tunnel that Jack is travelling through. They planned this by drawing a scene of what they think is at the end of the tunnel in art; they carefully sketched this on a piece of paper so that they could use this when they come to write their stories. 

In Maths they have been  using rhymes to help them learn about missing number problems and learning about halving numbers and dividing them by 2. 
In Science year 2 have been learning about materials and what material would work best for different purposes.  We have been writing what Jack would need in his suitcase and testing different materials to see if they are waterproof.




Year 3

In year 3 they have been learning about natural disasters (mainly volcanoes) in art they made an amazing volcano montage to represent all they have learnt. In maths they are focusing on fractions and have said they are enjoying the challenge!







Year 4

This half term we have been learning about Viking invasions and their weapons. We have particularly been learning about what countries they invaded. 
In English, we have been learning to use expanded noun phrases and fact files. We have also had a visitor from the Viking times and we did some role play of the Gods as well as the Goddesses.
For Maths, we have been learning about the most efficient ways to us money.
In Science, we have been learning how to make a circuit and the dangers  of electricity.
For Art, we have been drawing Viking symbols and some of their really pretty designs. Finally we get to English. In English, we have been doing expanded noun phrases and fact files. 
Some of the children had fun at  Sayers Croft and did lots of fun activities. We did a local walk, a blindfolded maze, a maze you had to find a phrase for and climbing. It was the best thing ever!   





Year 5

Our Topic this half term is Magic. We have had a magic day where we could dress up as a wizard or witch and do lots of magical lessons. There was spells with Professor Mansfield, Quidditch with Professor Ball, potions with Professor Holloway and making wands as well as bookmarks with Professor Wood. I was amazing. In Art, we have ben sketching and modelling mythical creatures. Going into English.we have been learning about Fantastic Beasts and using parenthesis (dashes, commas – only for relative clauses- and brackets).
For Maths, we have been learning about fractions and all of the ways to simplify them.