Play a board game    The World of David Walliams    Joe Wicks 5 Min Workout (1)
  Design and make your own board game     Audible Stories    Joe Wicks 5 Min Workout (2)
  Play a card game     Teach Your Monster To Read    Joe Wicks 5 Min Workout (3)
  Start a diary    The Great Indoors    Joe Wicks 5 Min Workout (4)
  Make a time capsule and bury it     Virtual Field Trips    Joe Wicks 5 Min Workout (5)
  Play I-spy    Maths is Fun    Joe Wicks PE Lesson Day 1
  Learn a language    Animal Cams    Joe Wicks PE Lesson Day 2
  Do a jigsaw puzzle with your family    First News    Cosmic Kids
  Make and fly a paper aeroplane    Marwell    Primary Stars
  Create and draw a family tree    Wind in the Willows    
  Play 'The floor is lava!"     100 Challenge Ideas    
  Lego Challenge Link    David Walliams Elevenses Audio Book    
  Dyson Challenge    Oxford Owl Books    
  Indoor Scavanger Hunt    Topmarks    
  Makaton Challenge    DK fun Facts for Children    
       National Geographic Kids    
       10 Minute Challenges    
       Portsmouth Ebooks KS2    
       Reading Online    
       Disney on Stage