July Newsletter

13th July

Dear Parents/Carers,

Awards Evening
Thank you to all who came along and supported this. It was a lovely evening. It really was hard picking the three nominees and then the winner from these in each case. We have 689 lovely children and we know that every single one of them is special in lots of ways. So, if your child wasn’t chosen this year, please encourage them not to give up and to give it their all next year and who knows?

This year’s role of honour is shown below with the winner in each category listed in bold. A huge congratulations goes to all the nominees. We’re very proud of you all.





Artist of the Year

Patryk M

Milana K

Grace K

Scientist of the Year

Lucie B

Imogen B

Max B

Musician of the Year

Thomas H

Adiba K

Reuben K

Boys’ Maths Champion

Harrish N

Dylan W

Aryan A

Girls’ Maths Champion

Kimberley Rose B

Imogen M

Claudia V

Boys’ English Champion

Randolph H

Toby P

Buddy H

Girls’ English Champion

Chloe S

Asha J

Freya H

Mitchell Cup for Reading

Catriona L

Tyler B

Leticia T


Poppy C

Freya D

Eloise M

Sports Boy of the Year

Callum D

Danny W-D

Alfie Y

Sports Girl of the Year

Honor M

Hailey W

Amelia P

100% attendance through a whole Key Stage 2

                                                Jacob P

Community Award

Harry C

Isobella P

Peace I

Overcoming Challenges

Lola F

Frankie H

Henley M

Courage Award


Destiny H

Lottie C

Respect Award

Nellie D

Tommy B

Jarod C

Resilience Award

Ellie R

Max C

Maddison F

Initiative Award

Nadine B

Toby S

Flo C

Collaboration Award

Ewan S

Mia L

Holly W

Tolerance Award

Alfie S

Theodora P

Mahdiya D

Aspire and Achieve

Lujain E

Katie M

George F

Children’s Books

We are going to send the children’s English, Maths and Topic books home this year on Friday 20th July so that you can keep them for posterity; perhaps even remind them of their spelling mistakes once they are famous! 
We hope you find this useful, and we’d really appreciate it if you could send your child in with a carrier bag that day to take their books home in.
The only books we aren’t able to give are their current ones as we change these each year in the final half-term rather than in September.

Head and Deputy Head Boy and Girl

As promised on our last newsletter we are now able to announce who our superstars for next year are:


Head Boy                    Aryan              Head Girl                     Grace

Deputy Head Boy        Bobby              Deputy Head Girl        Mahdiya

Our heartiest congratulations go to them. It is a real honour to be chosen for this in a school of nearly 700 pupils. Well done to them all.

Also we should say a HUGE thank you to this year’s children who have done a great job. They have been:

Head Boy                    Bawer                          Head Girl                     Mia Mae

Deputy Head Boy        Vincent                                    Deputy Head Girl        Angel

Marvellous Me” Software

We’re going to try a new piece of software next year which we hope you’ll love. It’s called “Marvellous Me” and it’s a way to update parents as to behaviour and achievements in school.

You will need to sign up to it or we won’t be able to update you, but in essence it allows teachers to send you an icon via text and/or email when your child has done something well.

It doesn’t go into any detail; it is either just an icon or perhaps an icon with a very short message. The idea of it is simply to alert you to the fact that something good has happened so that you can then ask your child later that evening.

The hope is that it will particularly help those parents who find themselves asking “what did you do at school today?” to be met with the answer “nothing!” In actual fact, we work them hard J J J

I suspect it will take time to get it working properly as is usually the case with brand new IT systems, but potentially it does look really good.

We are all receiving training on it before the summer with a view to starting to pilot it when we come back. Hopefully, by October half-term we will have got over any teething problems and it will have become an established part of our practice. Our hope is that it might begin to replace some of the things that we currently send by paper such as “Star of the Day.”

No doubt we shall have to update you on this after the summer holidays, but let’s hope it proves to be a success.

SATs Results

These are shown in summary below. We have shown you the results alongside last year’s school results and last year’s National results so you can make a comparison. All the figures are in percentages.

You’ll see it’s an excellent set of results in Y2 which bodes really well and it’s especially pleasing to see the “Exceeding” (i.e. More-Able) results start to improve, but there is a drop in the Y6 results. This was expected in English; but the drop in Maths was disappointing and was larger than predicted. The children and staff certainly worked extremely hard but it is a clear drop.

We also remain concerned about next year’s results too, as this cohort is also predicted to be at a level below that of the 2017 results. However, we will be doing everything we possibly can to stretch them. The current Y5 have had a great year this year and have really benefitted from the 4-way split in teaching. Indeed this will be extended next year into a 5-way split, but anything you can do at home to help the children with basics such as arithmetic would be hugely appreciated.

The results in 2020 are then predicted to bounce back to 2017 levels (i.e. for the current Y4 cohort.)


2017 School results

2017 National results

2018 School Results

Year R “Good Level of Development”








Year 1 Phonics








Year 2 Phonics




Year 2 Reading Expected+




Year 2 Reading Exceeding




Year 2 Writing Expected+




Year 2 Writing Exceeding




Year 2 Maths Expected+




Year 2 Maths Exceeding




Year 2 R/W/M Combined Expected+


Not reported


Year 2 R/W/M Combined


Not reported






Year 6 Reading Expected+




Year 6 Reading Exceeding




Year 6 Writing Expected+




Year 6 Writing Exceeding




Year 6 EGPS Expected+




Year 6 EGPS Exceeding




Year 6 Maths Expected+




Year 6 Maths Exceeding




Year 6 R/W/M Combined Expected+




Year 6 R/W/M Combined




Learning to Lead

We have had over 60 children complete their Learning to Lead booklets this year – a great achievement! The
booklets include examples of when the children have shown the schools learning values and other
characteristics of being a great role model. Our recent medal winners are:


Charlie, Rose, James, Amelie, Kimberley Rose, Peyton, Charlie, Toby, Jack, Alesia – Teodora, Ben

Toby, Clemont, Isla, Tanisha, Isabella, Olivia, Liliyah, Keeley, Leila, Evie–May, Zaaria, Grace, Imogen, Anna, Lucy, Elliot, Tallulah, Katie, Luke, Moses, Oren, Katie, Alyssa, Freya, George, Sebastian, Skye, Summer

Hollie, Joel, Lucie, Alby, Jacob, Ronnie, Scarlett, Isobelle, Jessica, Haidyn, Keeley, Izzy, Bobby, Bradley, Aryan, Lily, Saeed, Darcy, Imogen, Leila

Lily, Peace, Tegan, Keeley, Lucie, Joel

Please can we remind you to collect any medication your child may have in school from the office by the last day of term.  Any uncollected medicine will be disposed of with the local pharmacy on Wednesday 25th July.  If your child has an asthma pump or epipen in school please make sure they return to school on 3rd September with their medication in date and the administering medication form completed. 

Permission Slips
I know it seems as if we have sent a lot of letters home recently, however, as a rule we only do so if we require specific permission for your child to be included in an event etc., and this has become even more necessary due to GDPR. The letters will always have a deadline date when the slips need to be returned by.  It is really important that these slips are returned by this date as we will be unable to guarantee that your child will be able to take part if they are received after the deadline.  Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated as it not only avoids disappointment for the child but it also saves us a lot of time if we have to keep chasing for permission slips.

Contact Details
Please remember to keep the school updated if you change your address or any contact details.

Lost Property
Lost property will be on display in the playground after school on Monday 16th July.  Any unclaimed items will be displayed in the playground after school on Thursday 19th July and they will be offered for sale at a cost of £1.00 per item.  All the proceeds will go to the PFA funds for the school.

Water Bottles
Please remember to take your child’s water bottle home on the last day of term as Portsmouth Water Company are only replacing the lids in September.  The new Reception children and any children new to the school will still receive one water bottle.

Summer Fair
Thank you to everyone who attended our Summer Fair.  The weather was fabulous as was the turn out and we raised a staggering £1,861.36. Once again, thank you for all your support throughout the year for our fundraising events. Huge thanks to Michelle O’Reilly and Lou Taylor for organising this – what a fantastic event.

Kind regards,

Mr D Brawley.

 We wish you all a lovely August. See you all again on 3rd September 


 Reading with your child- advice from the National Literacy Trust

If your child could do anything this summer, what would it be? Walk with dinosaurs, go on a treasure hunt with pirates, visit outer space, or maybe play for their favourite football team in a cup final? Anything is possible – when you find the right book.

Research shows that when children enjoy reading, they do better at school. There’s no better way to keep your child’s development going over the summer holidays than reading. We’ve put together our top tips for helping them fall in love with reading this summer…

  • Make time to read: read a bedtime story with your child every night during the holidays, or set a regular time to read together during the day. Make sure to take books with you on any holidays too.
  • Let your child choose what to read: your child is more likely to fall in love with reading if they are able to choose which books you read together. Join your local library for free and your child can pick from a wide selection of books that suit their interests – anything from animals to football to video games.
  • Learn about your holiday destination: if you’re heading somewhere new this summer, you could ask your child to make a fact file about your new destination by reading information on the internet or renting a book from a library.
  • Get the whole family involved: encourage your child to read with other family members including their grandparents, brothers and sisters, and aunts and uncles. Family holidays make ideal reading time!
  • Bring stories to life: when reading stories out loud with your child, give characters different voices and mannerisms. You could pause the story and ask your child what happens next or act out parts of the story together.
  • Create fun literacy challenges at home: there’s bound to be some rainy days this summer! When the weather is bad, you could put together an indoor treasure hunt with clues for your child to find and read, play board games together or make a summer holiday scrapbook.
  • Go on day trips: even if you’re not heading abroad, taking a trip to a nearby attraction can be a great way to inspire your child to read. For example, if your child learns about the Ancient Egyptians on a museum visit, head to your local library afterwards to find more books on the topic for them to explore.
  • Be a reading role model: your child learns from you, so seeing you enjoying and valuing books can be a great inspiration. Why not pack a book in your suitcase this summer?

 Training Days in 2018/19

We’re going to give you these now so you have lots of time to arrange childcare:

Friday              28th September            Training Day 1

Friday              23rd November            Training Day 2

Monday           28th January                Training Day 3

Friday              17th May                      Training Day 4

Friday              21st June                     Training Day 5

Upcoming Dates (up to October half-term)

13th July           Annual reports to go home

18th July           Rocksteady Concert 09.00 – 10.30

19th July           Y6 Musical Production 13:45 then 18:00

23rd July           Y6 Leavers’ BBQ 16:30-18:00

24th July           Last Day of term

3rd Sept            First Day of new Academic Year

10th Sept          Phased entry begins for Year R

12th Sept          Yr1  - Yr6 Individual children’s photos (or with siblings in Yr1 – Yr6)

25th Sept          Informal chance to look at children’s books after school 15:00-15:30

27th Sept          After-school Reading activities 15:15-16:00

28th Sept          Training Day 1

2nd Oct             Open Afternoon for parents/grandparents 13:00-15:00

4th Oct              Able Maths Day for Y5/6 – details to follow

9th Oct              Parents Evening: KS1 15:15-19:00 and KS2 15:30-19:00

10th Oct            Parents Evening: KS1 15:15-19:00 and KS2 15:30-19:00

17th Oct            Flu vaccinations Y1-5

18th Oct            Flu vaccinations Y1-5

18th Oct            Y3 Sleepover

19th Oct            Last day of term

29th Oct            First day of new term