November Newsletter

8th November

Dear Parents/Carers
Good News
I am delighted to share some good news. From January, Mr Fanning will be Hampshire’s newest Headteacher!
Mr Fanning is the latest in a line of headteachers that we have “produced” over my time here at Copnor and whilst we will greatly miss him, it is excellent news. It is thoroughly well-deserved and we are very proud of him.
As well as being a huge feather in his cap, it is a bit of one for the school too as every time we send off a staff member for a promotion they then send the message to the wider world that Copnor is a school well worth working at!
Well done Mr Fanning – you will be absolutely brilliant.
Access to School
We’ve recently come across a potential safety issue. We have electronically opened the back gate at Highgate Road at 14:45 which is the same time as we open the front gates. However, there are often PE lessons still being undertaken at that time. From Monday 13th November we will release the back gates to allow access at 15:00, however the front gate will still be open from 14:45.
Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.
Repeated Plea for “Wet Break” Games
If you have any board games at home that are still complete, but no longer used (perhaps the children have outgrown them), then we would really appreciate if you could donate them to the school office so that we can distribute them among classes for those break-times when it’s raining and the children can’t get outside.
We really appreciate your help with this.
Christmas Shoeboxes/Foodbank
Thank you to all who contributed. It is a very worthwhile cause and your kindness will make a difference to a child’s Christmas this year, which is a lovely thought. The Portsmouth Foodbank have come in to collect everyone’s donations and we thank you very much for these.
Cold Weather
Can we just remind everyone that as the weather is getting colder it is important the children attend with warm coats to wear. Thank you.
More- Able Children
It is encouraging to see the interest the meetings are generating this week. Thank you to all who are attending.
Trips and Visitors
A group of Year 3 children went to Highbury Primary School to take part in some Scottish Country dancing.
Year 1 enjoyed a visit from ‘The Spirit of the Wild Zoo’. The children met a variety of animals including a
golden eagle, a snowy owl, a meerkat and an eight-foot python.
Training Days left in 2017/18
These are: 10th November; 27th November; 2nd March and 22nd June
Upcoming Dates (Nov to Christmas)
10th Nov Training day 2
14th Nov Flu vaccinations for YR to Y4 (letters have been sent home)
14th Nov Meeting for potential new parents to YR in Sept 2018 10:00-12:00
14th Nov SRE Meeting (Sex & Relationships Education) for parents of Y5 and Y6 17:30-18:30
16th Nov Informal Parents Question session 14:15-15:00
17th Nov Children in Need (wear anything spotty)
23rd Nov Meeting for Y4 parents about residential visit 17:30-18:30
27th Nov Training Day 3
28th Nov Meeting for potential new parents to YR in Sept 2018 17.30
1st Dec Christmas Decoration day – parents and grandparents welcome to help!
7th Dec Y4 Musical Production to parents 14:15-15:00 then 18:00-18:45
11th Dec Christmas Carol Concert at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard
12th Dec Meeting for potential new parents to YR in Sept 2018 13.15 – 14.15
13th Dec Year R Nativity to parents 13.30
13th Dec Year R Christmas Disco 15.00 – 15.45
Year 1/2 Christmas Disco 16.00 – 17.00
14th Dec Year R Nativity to parents 09.30
14th Dec Year 3/4 Christmas Disco 15.30 – 16.30
Year 5/6 Christmas Disco 16.45 – 18.00
15th Dec Christmas Jumper Day
19th Dec Carols on the playground 17:30-18:30
20th Dec Rocksteady Concert
20th Dec Staff Christmas Pantomime to parents 18:00-19:00
21st Dec Staff Christmas Pantomime to KS1 09:30-10:30 then KS2 13:30-14:30
22nd Dec School Christmas lunch for the children
22nd Dec Last day of Term
8th Jan First day of new Term
Kind regards,
Mr D Brawley.
Do try to look at our website regularly to see what is happening.