July Newsletter 36

18th July

Dear Parents/Carers,

Awards Evening
Thank you to all who came along and supported this. It was a lovely evening. It really was hard picking the three nominees and then the winner from these in each case. We have 686 lovely children and we know that every single one of them is special in lots of ways. So, if your child wasn’t chosen this year, please encourage them not to give up and to give it their all next year and who knows?
This year’s role of honour is shown below with the winner in each case listed in bold. A huge congratulations goes to all the nominees. We’re very proud of you all.

Artist of the Year Grace K Levi G Keon C
Scientist of the Year Luke D Amalei L Olivia K
Musician of the Year Teagan W Alicia W Lucas C
Boys’ Maths Champion Aryan A Harry B Bradley E
Girls’ Maths Champion Adele F Tanisha A Fausta J
Boys’ English Champion Jayden G Callum F Adam W
Girls’ English Champion Gabriella D Phoenix S Lujain E
Mitchell Cup for Reading Mackenzie W Finley B Katherine A
Dance/Drama Lucie W Keara D Amber B
Sports Boy of the Year Ewan S Sefanaia B Ronnie B
Sports Girl of the Year Betsy M Tiffany L Lily W
100% attendance through a whole Key Stage Harley W
Community Award Mia Mai A Lizzy Charlie W
Overcoming Challenges Zoard T Katrina T Ethan R
Courage Award Ollie G Joe M Lottie H
Respect Award Grace M Nancy H Jarod C
Resilience Award Sidney K Alfie F Rosie F Lana G
Initiative Award Jessica B Peyton S Grace O
Collaboration Award Thomas L Amelie R Dylan H
Tolerance Award Celyn L Louie L Connie O
Aspire and Achieve Molly P Grace I Keagan G

One last staff change

Sadly, Mrs Miller will also be leaving us in the summer. We had been trying to rearrange working patterns to fit class needs when we listed the other staff changes in the last newsletter, but in the end we weren’t able to manage this.

Children’s Books
We are going to send the children’s English, Maths and Topic books home this year on Friday 21st July so that you can keep them for posterity; perhaps even remind them of their spelling mistakes once they are in their forties and find themselves as Secretary of State for Education! 
We hope you find this useful, and we’d really appreciate it if you could send your child in with a carrier bag that day to take their books home in.
The only books we aren’t able to give are their current ones as we change these each year in the final half-term rather than in September.

Plea for “Wet Break” Games
We wondered if you could help?
If you have any board games at home that are still complete, but no longer used (perhaps the children have outgrown them), then we would really appreciate if you could donate them to the school.  We can then distribute them among classes for break-times when it’s raining and the children can’t get outside.
We really appreciate your help with this.  Please send all donations to the School Office.

Learning to Lead
Our recent medal winners are:

Riley H
Grace I
Nicole G
Jasmine S
Toby G
Olivia K
Tiffany L
Rhianna F
Bobby E
Bradley S
Janeeta A
Joel H
Darcey M
Sydney H
Oliver D
Hollie B
Louie P
Alby H
Lucie W
Ruby G
Olivia K
Clemont L
Jack E
Masab M
Sebastian B
Katrina T

Informal Parents’ Meetings
We started these when the school first amalgamated in September 2014 as a chance for parents to come in for 45 minutes and just informally have a cup of tea and hear about what was going on. They run one afternoon each half-term from 14:15 to 15:00
As time has passed though, and anxieties about the amalgamation are now a thing of the past, these are not being attended.
Given this is the case, we’d like to try keeping these meetings, but changing the format.
Rather than it being about information giving; we thought we could offer it as an opportunity for anyone to come in and ask any general questions or to make general suggestions to us. One of the senior leaders will make sure our diaries are free to see anyone during this time.
These would not be designed to talk through specific issues about individual children; rather they are for any general questions/comments. If you have any concerns about your individual child we would ask you to make an appointment to see the class teacher in the usual way.

Training Days in 2017/18
These are: 25th September; 10th November; 27th November; 2nd March and 22nd June

Upcoming Dates (up to October half-term)
21st Sept           Y5 and Y6 Parent Workshops 17:00-18:00 (To talk through the expectations of the year)
25th Sept          Training Day 1
26th Sept          Informal chance for parents to look at books – straight after school until 15.15
30th Sept          Saturday Morning Reading workshops 10:00-12:00
3rd Oct              Open afternoon for parents/grandparents 13.00-15.00
5th Oct              Year 3 Sleepover
9th Oct              Y5 Bikeability Week
10th Oct            Individual Parents’ Appointments 15:15-19:00
11th Oct            Individual Parents’ Appointments 15:15-19:00
19th Oct            YR children’s photos and any children absent in September
20th Oct            Last day of first half-term
23rd Oct            Half-term Week
30th Oct            First day of second half term

Kind regards,

Mr D Brawley.